7 Little Known Facts About The Paternal Father

Paternal Father

A paternal father is the one who is the reason for the existence of a child. However, duties entrusted by morality to him need their fulfillment.

It is said that everyone can be a father or a mother but parents are always those who know their responsibilities. This shows that being a parent is not an easy task. You have to make a lot of sacrifices to attain the divine rank. Whether you are a father or a mother, your duty towards your child comes first forever and always and this is why most parents are not aware of the true sense of parenthood.


  • A paternal father is referred to as a biological father who is linked to a child by birth.
  • As the biological father of a child, the duties of a paternal father enhance more than usual and a paternal father has to be more responsible and caring towards the child.
  • Being a support system of your own child will help you a lot in gaining his trust and bringing a child close to you.
  • Paternal fathers need to keep this thing in mind that mere blood relation cannot satisfy the actual needs of warmth which a father is expected to give to his children until and unless they don’t provide the due love on your part as fathers.

Who Is A Paternal Father?

By definition, the concept of a paternal father is quite simple. He is the one who attains the position of being your biological father. In other words, he is the reason for your existence, the one with whom you belong and he is that one entity whose blood runs in your veins and you are a part of him.

This definition looks very warm and loving because you bring yourself to the understanding of having a biological father who loves you more than anything else because you are the one who is his reflection.

However, it is also important to find whether this statement is an understatement or an illusion? Because there are a number of cases where paternal fathers are extremely unconcerned about the life of their children.

Importance Of A Paternal Father

Scientists studying the development of human life always put pressure on fathers who are biological ones to fulfill their roles completely because it has a positive impact on the development of their children.

According to science, a paternal father is the first human with whom a child interacts during the early years of his growth and learns about life. He is the one who serves as an example for his children. His presence is what gives the children strength to deal with the furious battles of life because he is the one who acts as the savior and a hero for his children.

Duties Of A Paternal Father

A paternal father is the source of power for his child. He needs to realize that fatherhood is not just the name of a relation that binds him to a new individual but it is rather an emotion which he needs to embrace and in a way that marks his strength and responsibility.

A paternal father is not only the reason for the birth of a new individual but is the one who is going to lead the way for his children. Therefore, his duties are extremely significant. A paternal father must be:

  • Loving
  • Friendly 
  • Law Abiding 
  • Protective
  • Understanding
  • Helpful
  • Encouraging

Warmth & Love

Love is the other name for parenthood. You can never expect to be parents if your heart is vacant of love. The love for your children is a natural thing that God places in your heart from the moment your child comes into this world.

As a paternal father, you need to learn that even if you are not expressive enough, you need to be expressive now. This is because your child will look to you for the much-needed warmth. A child needs the care of both parents together.

We all know that mothers are loving by nature but as a father, it also becomes your duty to love your child and provide him with the best he needs to excel in life. Your love is not only determined by the number of items you buy for your child, but it rather depends upon the time which you spend with him.

If you give your child even the mildest traces of your presence in his life from your busy routine, then even this will become a prominent marker in the healthy mental growth of your child.


Now even science proves that children whose fathers are friendly with them are most likely to excel in practical life since they have the confidence and courage to move ahead because of their strong support system i-e: paternal father.

When you act as the friend of your children, your children start relying upon you. They trust you in all their matters and never take a step without informing you first. This helps to strengthen your own relationship with the kids as well which finds a new way to progress through this ever-growing friendship.

Law Abiding Citizen

We all know that there are certain conditions to be a part of a civilized society. In a civil society, things are always in order and every citizen knows the responsibilities which are held by him.

A paternal father is often thought of as ideal for the kids. So, it becomes very necessary for him to behave in that essential ideal manner. Abiding by the law and maintaining discipline must be followed by you if you want to see your own children responsible for their duties when they grow up.

Teach them discipline and significance of order from a very young age, so that when they grow up those ideals of law and discipline reside in their mind as permanent inhabitants. Fathers who bring up their children to be the best citizens are actually the ones who have fulfilled those fatherly responsibilities which are expected of a paternal father.


It’s the general law of nature that every single creature is highly protective of their children. You will find out this habit in all the species. This is because the natural sense of protectiveness wakes upright when you hold your own child in your arms.

This attitude is believed to be the specific character of a paternal father because he is the one who is most closest to his child. He needs to be protective and possessive about his child so that not even a single harm dares to touch his child. This helps the child in building trust in his father that continues throughout his life.

It is built on the belief of possessiveness. A child knows that he is secure with his father because he will never allow anyone to harm him. This thought gives mental peace to the child and he progresses in a safe environment.


Children often complain to their parents that they are unable to understand them. This happens a number of times when there is a generational gap. As a father, you need to learn a sense of understanding.

This key principle of parenting can help you to be close to your children. Times are changing. With the changing times, the need for time is to be adaptable according to the current scenario. As a father, you have to be considerate of the needs of your children.

You can not expect to rule them at your own instructions. As a father, you need to give respect to their opinions along with yours so that the mutual bond of love always remains intact and they understand your own points without feeling forced.


Parents are the biggest helpers one can find. As a paternal father, your relationship with your children gets deeper because you have seen them growing in front of you. Children often depend on their parents for issues major or minor.

The best thing for a father to do is to always remain there whenever your children need you. This creates a sense of trust in the children. When they know that their father is with them to help them in situations which they cannot handle, their trust towards a father deepens.

This doesn’t mean that you start favoring your children deliberately over their faults. A good father is always the one who helps at the time of trials and lets the child win his battle on his own. However, he isn’t the one who covers a child’s intentional mistakes for the sake of love because sometimes deliberate ignorance can, later on, lead to a disaster.


Who is a father if not a house of constant support and encouragement? I remember when I began writing, I made a number of grammatical errors. Even my expression wasn’t rich. I was heartless because many recruiters claimed that I didn’t possess the “spirit for writing”.

Once, it happened that my father read some of my initial articles. He encouraged me a lot and refused to believe that I wasn’t a fine writer. His encouragement worked like a magic potion for me and I started improving my work with each day.

Ultimately, I became a refined writer and a developer. The purpose of this incident is to show you the magic you can bring in your child’s life just by appreciating him enough to chase his dreams. When the child will find the wings which you provide, he will surely soar high on the horizon of success.

Never stop your children from moving ahead. Be there and support their talents because you as a paternal father are not just linked to your children through blood but by trust and love as well.


Parenthood is not easy and being a paternal father is a lot more than just getting related to your child by blood. You have to understand your duties.

You need to fulfill your responsibilities so that tomorrow when your child grows up to be an adult, the role model he should have would not be a superhero or a star but his very own father who lived up to his expectations trusted him when the world didn’t and supported him when no one else did. This is what a real paternal father does.

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