7 Powerful Lessons Parents Need to Teach their Children in (2022)

There are some powerful lessons parents need to teach their children according to the demand of time and the society which defines their entire upbringing.

Key Facts

  • The real purpose of parenting is to turn children into civilized citizens.
  • Parents need to be careful about how they are presenting themselves in front of their children because it impacts their behavior.
  • Learning to be a better person and accepting failures with a big heart is something which we need to teach our children for a better society.
  • Parents who are concerned about the behavior of their children rather than world fame are mostly the ones who have achieved success in their ambition of upbringing their children in the right way.

Parenting and society

Parenting is not just a duty, but a huge responsibility. Most of the time parents think that they have done their duty by providing them with the best. To many parents, parenting is only limited to the provision of care and affection. However, this is just a myth.

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Parenting gets tough as a child grows. You have to look for a number of things. The main aim of parents should be bringing their children into refined city zones. Unfortunately, many parents ignore this and their concentration is limited to only turning their children into successful personalities in life so that one day the world appreciates their parenting.

For many parents, the social connotation of parenting is just limited to the idea that they will be only regarded as good parents if they are careful enough to bring their children to succeed in life. But what’s the real definition of success? Do most of us know that?

The real definition of success in life

Maya Angelou says,

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

Now, if you will clearly focus on this definition. You will find out the core of the entire concept in the very first line which claims that success is about liking one’s self. Most parents are ignorant about the basic ethics which they forget to teach in their quest for wanting the best for their children. This leaves strong influences upon the personalities of the children as well. Children’s personality develops into individuals who want success and are hungry for it.

For them, getting success is the only thing and this is what we notice in our life a lot where people are highly conscious of achieving success through hook and crook, but is it really worthy? We never know that because the more we reach success, the farther we are from understanding the real connotation of success which is about humanity.

What is a parent’s responsibility?

Parents serve as the models for their children. They are the ones who serve as the ideals. A child firstly picks up whatever is given to him/her from parents’ sides. This makes the upbringing of parents significantly important because it represents their character. The toughest job is character building for your children. It needs a lot of effort from parents’ part because it is one such quality which defines them in later part of their life.

Lessons parents need to teach to their children

Here are some of the most important lessons which parents need to teach their children before anything else. One reason for teaching these life lessons is that humanity is absent from this world. Humanity is the biggest gift parents can give to their children because it can help them be great human beings in the latter part of their lives.

  1. Gratefulness is the greatest bliss
  2. Giving up is not an option
  3. Learn from your mistakes
  4. Never ever be proud of your achievements
  5. Respect is the greatest gift you can offer to someone 
  6. Never feel ashamed to embrace your personality 
  7. There is a difference between confidence and overconfidence


The basic rule to a positive life is gratefulness. There are very few people who are grateful for whatever they have. They are the ones who are always in the need of better. This need makes them greedy. To satisfy their greed, they cross every possible limit which obviously impacts the social order. As parents, it’s the prime duty of parents to teach children this basic trait.

They should teach them that whenever they will be grateful and happy for whatever they have, life will definitely offer them more. This is the basic rule of life. Today, people have become materialistic which is also influencing the mindset of children. It is important to know that real happiness doesn’t come from money. It comes from internal satisfaction. This is the basic rule of life.

If you are happy and positive about life, great things will happen automatically. Gratitude is a very rare quality and this is what parents need to teach their kids that gratitude is a quality that makes them emotionally satisfied. When children will start becoming thankful for life and its offerings, it’s the right time for parents to know that they have done a great job.

Never giving up

Life is a series of ups and downs. Unfortunately, many parents fail to teach their children this basic lesson which creates difficulty for them later on. When parents don’t bring up their children in the wake of tough times, children become used to a comfortable life. They fail when the practical trials of life come their way.

This is why it is important to teach children about the importance of trying again and achieving their dreams. Teaching children that no dream is impossible to achieve is the biggest lesson. Parents need to teach their children that trying, again and again, makes them closer to success and there is nothing bad in trying again if you are failing initially. It is very important for parents to teach them the importance of hard work and effort.

Both these things combine together to give one the desired ambition. This lesson not only teaches children about hard work but also makes them aware of patience and individual effort when it comes to achieving a dream.

Continuous learning

Another important thing in life is to make children adapt to learning through experiences. Children are fragile. They start hating everything which seems a hurdle in their pathway. Initially, they are trained in a way that they start hating loss. For them, loss and failure don’t exist which is a very negative attitude.

Parents should rather teach their children about accepting their mistakes with an open heart because it will not only make them a better person but will also teach them to cope up with their flaws when the time calls for it. Besides, teaching them the significance of learning from their life experiences is very important because this is something that helps them in their personality building which is an essential part of human life.

Never be proud of the achievements

If you notice some of the biggest creators of the business world and champions who have achieved whatever they aimed, you will find that all of them are very generous in their behavior which is exactly something that makes them better people. Their generosity is something which helps them in aiming bigger and better than before.

This is the kind of attitude which comes from home. We all know how Bill Gates’s will declares 90% share of his net worth to the charity because he repeatedly said that he didn’t want to make his children proud of what they owned but rather wanted to see them getting successful on their own which is really a great achievement according to him.

So, this is just one story of how great parents tend to bring their children in a way that the pride stays away from them throughout their lives and they work hard to prove their worth in the competition. This is the right way of teaching your children the significance of hard work and becoming generous when you achieve your dream because it defines their character.


Today the biggest thing which is missing from our society is respect. People are losing respect for their parents, for those who are seniors and elders. Today the standard of respect has fallen terribly down. Now, people consider wealth as the most prominent trait which defines respect in society.

This is just a myth and it’s the duty of parents to act as this myth breaker. Young minds embrace any single idea which they receive from society because according to them what is happening in the majority is the reality.

As parents, it is your duty to make them aware of the basic truth and inform them about the superficial standards of business that prohibit individuals from paying their respects at places where it is rightly needed.

This one thing is somewhat the need of the present. It should be taught to every child to respect everyone’s opinions, religions, and culture without depicting any kind of discrimination toward it because this world needs people who are respectful towards other races and cultures without holding on to any sense of animosity in them.

Embrace yourself

This modern world has brought some modern issues regarding identity and self. Today, every other person wants to look flawless and wants to become an absolute representation of “perfection”. This race to become perfect has also influenced young children who also look curious about this idea.

Children of all ages, especially teenagers, become highly fascinated by the flawless pictures and representations which they witness on their social media feeds every day. Many parents have reported this issue where they found that children wanted to become “superheroes” because they think that superheroes were the fairest of all. In the same way, many teenage guys and girls were bullied by their mates simply because they didn’t fall into the perfect standard.

So, this takes us to an important observation. Is this the way we want our future generations? Fighting hard to achieve superficial perfection and beating others just to look a bit cool? Maybe this is the worst nightmare of all the parents, so the best thing to do in such circumstances is to teach them about the reality of perfection.

Telling them that they are beautiful in every form and there is nothing wrong because they are the perfect version of themselves. Teaching them the idea of embracing their true personality is perhaps the best thing parents can teach to their children because the world needs that.

Difference between confidence and overconfidence

Many problems of society begin when people start becoming overconfident and mock others because they consider themselves better than others. This negative attitude is one dominant hindrance that impacts the self-esteem of other individuals and leaves them traumatized.

Sadly, this happens in the children’s world as well, where the perfect children start bullying others because of being “popular” in their circle. This overconfident attitude soon brings them close to their demise where they start becoming weak and are much in need of validation.

When they don’t receive the due validation, it breaks their personality apart. Therefore, many of the experts of child’s psychology say that when a young child is appreciated for walking, he modifies it further and achieves perfection but when a child is appreciated for running at the very first step, in the next step he is always the one to fall on the ground terribly.

This one fact helps you to mark the difference between confidence and overconfidence where you can easily fall on the ground if your steps are not monitored and this monitoring role must be played by parents because their presence and guidance can save children from getting out of the way for the purpose of showing themselves perfect over others.


Parenting is not easy and that is an accepted fact. The real need is that parents start realizing their moral responsibilities because somehow those duties are more worthy than the basic duties of home, shelter, education, and health. Anyone can fulfill the basic needs of a child, however, parents are the beings who teach us the difference between right and wrong.

They are the ones who make us aware of the real norms of life and tell us about the reality of life and all things of wisdom. So, all parents need to do is to fill their children’s heads not with sciences, maths or any other tough subject but above all with the idea of becoming and evolving into a successful and positive person in life.

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