Some Striking Facts About Being A Stay At Home Mom in 2021

Motherhood is not easy. You have to give up a lot. This becomes more difficult when you have to become a stay at home mom to look after your children.

It is said that motherhood is the ultimate gift from the Almighty. You are blessed when you are chosen to be at the superior rank of a mother. This superiority doesn’t come free.

You have to give up a number of things for the sake of attaining them. You have to become very careful at each and every step. You cannot simply go and ask for the elevation if you haven’t sacrificed a lot for the pious cause.

This is why for most working women, motherhood becomes a challenge because they want to take care of their child being a stay at home mom but at the same time have some desires to excel in their careers.


  • A stay at home mom is the one who stays at home to cater to the needs of her children.
  • A lot of women prefer to be stay at home mothers because of their consciousness and care for children.
  • Professional life leaves a little space for a woman to understand familial responsibilities in a better way.
  • Children become accustomed to you and the development becomes positive when they come under your supervision as a stay at home mom.
  • The ultimate decision of staying at home or going to work must be done by the woman only. No other person has the right to decide this part of a woman’s life.

Who Is A Stay At Home Mom?

A stay at home mom is a mother who chooses to stay at home and quit her professional activities for the sake of the child. This decision is because for many reasons. Sometimes, mothers feel guilty about not spending time with their children because of job difficulties while sometimes they have to do this for some specific reason i-e: the child has special needs or is psychologically not well enough to be in the care of a nanny. In these cases, mothers are the ones who are usually the first to bid farewell to their jobs because they believe that their jobs will not allow them to take care of the child in the way they want to.

Why Professional Life Is The Issue?

A lot of people often blame stay at home mums who have given everything including their careers. They say that it is possible to take care of the family and profession at the same time and it’s a mere excuse by women who don’t want to exceed in their lives.

However, the dilemma is not this mentality but the actual professional responsibilities that a woman has to fulfill. We all know that within the professional domain, women are exposed to a lot of social and emotional pressures throughout their journey. They are expected to be perfect in every aspect or otherwise they are not considered worthy of working in a professional environment.

When the working hour’s end, it’s natural for a woman to feel exhausted and it becomes equally impossible to look after the home and kids right after the office. This creates a mess for women who have to fulfill the roles of mothers as well.

Pros Of Being A Stay At Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is not always bad. In fact, it does have some good points within its layers. As a stay at home mom you are able to:

  1. Manage house affairs perfectly.
  2. Understand your children in a better way
  3. Help your children in academics.
  4. Become more conscious of your children’s activities.
  5. Have the much-needed “Me Time”.
  6. Able to interact with your friends and family in a positive way.

House Management

Women have this keen nature where they become extremely conscious of every little disruption in the house. When a woman is at work, this superpower seems to find its distraction because then the workload doesn’t allow you to consider whatever good or bad is going on in the house.

The best thing about being a stay at home mom is that you are free to manage your house in the way you want. You have a close eye and routine according to which you work actively to make the house look more like home.

You are able to meet the needs of every single individual in the house in an efficient way because no woman wants her house turned into a zoo in her absence. So, your presence makes it possible for you to monitor every activity, so that nothing goes out of order.

Praiseworthy Understanding With Children

Often working mothers complain that their children don’t understand them or they are able to get their children in the way they should. They feel that it is because of the barrier of the profession that stands between them.

So, you can eradicate this risk by being a stay at home mom. It is quite natural that the child becomes more closed to the parent whom he finds immediately or frequently around him.

When your child will find and feel your presence in his life, he will automatically start getting used to your presence. He will no longer hesitate but slowly and gradually he will start liking your presence as well as the care and concern that comes along with it. Followed by this, he will eventually start sharing bits and pieces of his life with you so that the bond becomes stronger.

Academic Assistance Of Your Children

As a mother, you always want the best for your child and you never ever stop at the second-best. In the academic field, you want him to excel and never remain a failure. A stay at home mom can help the child this way.

You can provide him with a free lesson, can find out the emerging queries from his side, and guide him in a much better way than any guide will. Also, it is an ox sores belief that those children who are taught by their mothers at an early age are extraordinarily intelligent and positive about their academic life compared to those who don’t find one such parent.

Highly Conscious Of Your Children

It is normal that working mothers have to go through a lot of pain-stacking effort just to ensure that their children are doing safe back at home.

Their reassurance merely involves the physical well-being but for the emotional side, they are not so conscious of whatever is running in the young minds. A stay at home mom is lucky in this regard that she easily manages to be there for her children whenever something goes wrong.

She knows well what her children are doing and their mentality. This realization helps children to grow in an environment of essential warmth provided by their parents and mother in particular.

 Availability Of Me-Time

In between running after a career and then managing home afterward, a woman loses herself somewhere. She has no time to care for herself, to look after her needs, and value herself amid everything else that is going around.

This me-time comes as a gift and you find time for yourself finally when you choose to become a stay at home mom. You start living according to your interests, free of the professional burden along with nurturing your children with your love.

Able To Interact With Peers & Family

When you are stuck in an official routine, it also affects your social relations. You are unable to be there for your family or you miss special events organized by your peers. This creates a negative persona of yours among your peers.

Being a stay at home mom, you get time to socialize once again. You find a good time to organize a get-together and never miss any party or lunch. This also bears good results on the mental health of the children as they find themselves getting together with other members of the social strata.

Cons Of Being A Stay At Home Mom

Everything has some good sides but the bad ones come there too. Here the bad side is that:

You Have To Say Goodbye To Your Job

The biggest con is that you can no longer work in a professional environment. You have to leave your job which means that you are no longer a professional who is serving others or working to prove her credibility in the professional field.

Your Professional Dreams Are At Stake

Every woman in the modern day dreams a lot about her career. My biggest wish is to be at the top of the tier in the corporate sector. When you choose to be a stay at home mom, you are saying bye to your dreams as well. You can no longer chase them through professional effort because you prioritize your familial life over it.

You Become Dependent On Your Spouse

The biggest flex about being a professional woman is that you rely on your own self. You don’t have to be dependent on someone else for your basic needs. But, when you quit your job, technically your source of income no longer stays intact and one day or the other you have to be dependent on your spouse for your basic needs and this is somehow a bit hateful for women who have never learned the habit of depending on others.

You Feel Nostalgic About Your Dreams

Nostalgia is a common thing among women who leave their job just to stay at home. You become regretful sometimes when the feelings of nostalgia become so sharp.

You are unable to cope with it and you start blaming yourself and your children for this decision. This takes the mental peace from you and the environment of the house is also affected by this.


Being a stay at home mom is not bad until and unless it’s not your own decision. Women in this world choose different paths to inspire others. If you don’t feel okay with the thought of leaving your children at the mercy of someone else when you can be there, then go for a stay at home.

However, if you think that your children are of the age where they can easily deal with your absence and can understand the need for your job in today’s competitive times, then being a professional woman isn’t a bad choice at all. In the end, it’s all just a matter of perspective.

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