10 Effective Tips For Teenagers in 2021

Teenage is considered the most dangerous age. However, there are few tips for teenagers that can help you tackle the challenges of being a teenager.

Teenagers are regarded as the most difficult age. There are a number of reasons behind this assumption.

First, you are somewhere in the middle of your emotional and physical growth and another reason is that you are unable to understand the demands of teen-age in the best way.

This creates a lot of mess in your head where you are unable to even trace the lightest hints of its challenges. Most teenagers find it hard to survive in the early few years of their puberty because they perceive that their world has shifted 360 degrees.

This shift in their world shifts their attitudes and behaviors as well. They are unable to respond to the changes that go around them in an effective manner.

This is how difficult aging and adulting can become and it’s a story of every other teenager who seems stuck in the loop of demands and the changing scenario.


  • Teenagers face a lot of difficulty in determining their life’s path because of both emotional and physical aggression.
  • Teenagers need to understand that this phase will eventually pass on its own. Keeping the mind a hub of dark thoughts and not understanding the true positivity can be disastrous for mental growth.
  • It is necessary for you as a teenager to embrace your own self rather than seeking validation and then getting depressed.

Why Fret A Lot?

The first thing which you need to learn is that it happens with a lot of people. It happens every day with millions of teenagers just like you but becoming down and being disheartened by the changing requirements or bearing dark thoughts is not the right solution.

This way you get closer to your own death. If not physically then emotionally you become dead because you no longer feel the happiness around you and focus on the problems present in your life which is a very negative trait.

It is a fact that aging could be heard, more than you can think, for adulting is no easier task. However, what you need to understand is that it is a part of life.

You can move slowly in this world without getting influenced by the coping mechanics of people around you. You are allowed to cry at times when you feel that your energy is near to death and you are allowed to tackle it in your way. However, you are not allowed to injure your self-esteem and personal life for this.

10 Tips For Teenagers Which Can Be Of Great Help

Yes, teenage is hard, and more than that are its demands that become excruciating with the passage of time. But, just like a door at the end of every dark passage exists. In the same way, you can also expect to see a door over here at the end of your darkness. All you need is to go and search for it with all your might and you are surely gonna find it out.

Let’s come to the receipts which can help you in the identification of that very door of hope and happiness.

  • Focus on your individual talents.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Never try to be like someone else.
  • Try to look at the constructive side of things.
  • Never take criticism deeply.
  • Enhance your social circle but wisely.
  • Don’t become extravagant.
  • Take guidance from your parents.
  • Start working on a goal.

Focus on Individual Talents

The Almighty has blessed every individual with a specific talent. Some find it earthly and some are in the phase of a continuous journey to explore that.

The best age for doing so in my opinion is teenage.

It is the time when you are trying to make everything okay in your life by doing various measures. Sometimes, you are running behind your grades while sometimes you have to run as a part of the race.

This cannot become beneficial in the latter part of your life. When you move out of your safe haven and start facing the real world for the first time ever, things will eventually be difficult but won’t remain difficult once you realize your potential. You don’t waste yourself then by concentrating on your weaknesses but you work hard happily by understanding your own potential.

Stop Foolish Comparisons

I have observed this a number of times that in teenagers, the sense of comparison is heightened. Perhaps, this comes from the society or their individual mindset, one can’t be sure. However, it needs to be stopped immediately.

This is because if it doesn’t stop at the right time, then things eventually get worse. While you compare yourselves with your peers or ideals, you are continuously dehumanizing and hating your real self which is not good for your mental health.

Don’t Pretend To Be Like Someone Else

You must remember that you have your own distinct identity which doesn’t need any validation from anyone else but you. Once you start pretending like others, there is no going back. You continuously live in a state of complexity where you put your real self inferior while your pretended reality is superior.

It can be a coping strategy for some time, but in the long run, you have to accept the real you. Not only do you need to accept yourself but you also need to make others realize that you like yourself the best way. When you will start loving your own body and identity, the others will automatically follow.

Don’t Go For Drugs

When the experts say that teenage is the most dangerous age, they actually mean that it is the age where you have no sense of right or wrong. You only go for adventure or a solution to your constant depression. In order to escape from reality, you start becoming the victim of a darker reality through drugs.

Therefore, please never ever involve yourself in any kind of exotic hobby which involves drugs. Drugs can be a timely solution, but this timely solution takes you to your own death slowly and gradually.

Try To Be Positive

Yes, life is not fair and there are some things that are not going the way you have planned. Well, that is completely okay because life is not easy for a number of people and it won’t be easy for you too.

However, there are some good things in life. You have a family, you have some best friends. They all love you a lot. You have a future on which you have to work. Think about the positive side. Never become too bitter or negative because it will take all the colors of life away from you making you lose your identity.

Never Take Criticism Deeply

People bully all sorts of people every day. It happens a lot. Taking this criticism way too seriously can become harmful for only you. Remember! You can never make people happy, no matter whatever you do. So, just do your own thing. Be your own self. Work to improve your personality rather than to get validated.

Even if someone doesn’t like your ways, never argue with them or waste your time on making your identity likable. You are the best version of yourself who needs to work much harder than to become successful. Once success chooses you, people automatically become your fans.

Make Friends Wisely

You all know that a man is known by the company he keeps. So, sort your friends carefully. As an inexperienced chap, you might be unaware of their true nature but you are not blind enough to see their daily behavior.

Behaviour is the biggest marker of someone’s nature. If you find some false alarms, stop being friends with a toxic friend right there, or else the toxicity will engulf you gradually.

Don’t Become Extravagant

Financial power is a very deep factor that strengthens you a lot. Your financial power tells your mindset. Don’t become too extravagant in terms of your expenditures.

Once you start valuing your finances, you will become keen to save for the rainy days and once things get near to the rainy days, you become mature enough to think of a future that offers a comfortable and successful life. Don’t get stupid for impressing your friends with your wealth it impresses them with your opinions on wealth and saving.

Take Guidance From Your Parents

A number of teenagers are highly against this idea of talking to their parents about their personal life. This is due to the belief that their parents won’t be able to understand them just the way they want to get understood. 

This is nothing but a myth. Your parents have experienced whatever you are experiencing today. You can learn a number of things from them. Don’t take them as your enemies but try to be close to them. Be friends with them and help them understand your own perspective on life.

Start Working On A Goal

Your teenage years, according to me, are a playground where you just have to play your own game nicely and it prepares you against the possible dangers of future life. So, it’s necessary that you interpret it this way.

Start working on a specific goal right from here. If you have determined your goal at this stage, it will become easier for you to tackle the challenges of your future later on. Once you have predetermined your path, you prepare yourself for facing the actual difficulties coming on your way afterward.


Teenage is a sensitive age and its mysteries are enormous. Yet, with the help of adaptable strategies and understanding, you can easily develop a positive and constructive attitude towards life. The one which is purely focused on the betterment and is devoid of any negativity.

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